CIFA Services

Forensic Accounting & Auditing

Our methodology is not limited to only identifying financial discrepancies but also determining – who, what, where, when and how. More importantly, our combination of auditing, fraud and systems expertise provide a cutting edge service in litigation support, accounting investigations, damage calculations and reconstruction of accounting records.

Forensic & Anti-fraud Training

We provide customized in-house training for all personnel involved in accounting, auditing, compliance, investigations, and anti-fraud duties.

Due Diligence

Using our well-established global network of agents and contacts we are able to undertake due diligence and investigative research in a number of worldwide jurisdictions including the Caribbean, North & South America, Asia, Europe and Africa under the following scope: directorship appointment check, shareholdings check, court judgment search, litigation search, criminal history check, bankruptcy search, real property assets search, credit history, local press/,media check, global press/media check, business verification visits.

Document Examination

We offer a variety of forensic document examinations. A professional laboratory analysis by a court qualified and certified examiner can resolve questions regarding:
      1. The authenticity of signatures of handwriting
      2. The identification of altered of fraudulent documents
      3. Obliterated or indented writing
      4. Questioned typewritten documents
      5. Forgery detection such as “cut and paste” signatures or text
      6. Ink identification and dating
Questioned documents are carefully and objectively examined and analyzed in a non-destructive manner. All materials sent for examination are kept secure and returned upon completion of the examination.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We offer support to our clients to better manage risk and to achieve a proper balance between risks and opportunities. Also, we provide assistance to our clients in designing and implementing governance, fraud risk and compliance programmes to ensure that the business continues to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations.

Process Reengineering

Our team is versed in analyzing business processes and redesigning them in a more efficient manner, so that notable improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed can be attained. We will work alongside your team to discern value-adding and non-value adding processes that affect the overall performance of the business.

Computer Forensics & Data Recovery

We offer case review on digital evidence exhibits present in cases, enquiry, and tribunals. For example: pre-trial consultation on cases involving digital exhibits and expert witness testimony on digital investigations and electronic discoveries. We also provide computer security consulting services to corporate and government organizations. Computer Security Audits ensure that established procedures are appropriately designed and properly executed.

Contract Compliance Auditing

Clever strategies must be developed to fight organized crime. Contract compliance audits are a valuable component of finding and preventing fraud in the energy, public and procurement sector. In this sector, we observed a high reliance on the ethical principles of contractors to supply goods that meet the established quality requirements or standards so we have designed a contract compliance audit that can provide added assurance.

Special Investigations

Even in the most secure environment, attempts at embezzlement or other fraud may occur. As expert fraud investigators, we can handle all aspects of the investigation into suspected acts of fraud and abuse in a manner that maximizes your likelihood of successful litigation and/or recovery of lost resources. In addition to assessing the total amount lost to fraud, we can build the case for your recovery of lost funds and even provide expert witness testimony and expert witness reports designed to maximize your chances of recovery.